List of Equipment Needed when Removing Snakes

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If you want to increase the probability of handling your snake invasion safely, you need to guarantee that you have all the necessary equipment. Using a mere broom or a bucket may be practical for those who have knowledge and experience. However, for a standard homeowner, you should not use these tools apart from their intended use. Your capture gear or catching kit should at least have the pieces of equipment we will mention below.

How Do I Choose the Right Snake Tongs?
There are various types of snake tongs, and most of them are affordable. There are tools for the non-professional and fit for occasional needs. Look for the one with a shaft that uses a lightweight material, such as aluminum, to ensure that it will not burden the user. It should come with ‘jaws’ at the end of the pole that provides a tight grip. The surface should be made from a non-slip material that will prevent the animal from escaping. The handle must be a durable plastic that will perfectly fit the user’s hand. Also, consider the length of the pole. Most tongs are intended for the humane removal of the reptile. They are manufactured to ensure that the animal will not experience any unnecessary pain.

Should I Use Snake Hooks to Remove the Unwanted Snake in My Home?
Snake hooks are recommended for the more experienced snake remover. Some snakes are very agile, which will be difficult for you to capture them using snake hooks. If you are confident in using it effectively, look for a tool that offers gentle restraint. Lifting the snake should also not be an issue. If you are not skilled in using this, it is better to use snake tongs. Snake hooks come with different features. For those who want a hook that can easily be stored, look for the collapsible one. Just like the tongs, you should also pay attention to the length of the shaft. It also comes with the heavy-duty type that effectively captures bigger snakes such as pythons and constrictors.

Are Snake Bags Necessary When Removing Snakes?
There are different ways on how you can contain the reptiles after capturing them. One of them would be the snake bags that feature a triangular frame made from aluminum materials. When looking for this tool, consider the length and width once you add the detachable handle. Also, think about the fabric of the cloth and the depth of the bag. Apart from snake bags, there are also reptile and snake buckets that you can purchase in the market. It should be made from FDA-approved plastic resin that enables you to transport the animal safely and without any health hazards. It usually comes with a two-lid secure system that will restrain the snake effectively.

These are just a couple of tools that you can use when removing unwanted snakes. However, it is still advisable to allow the professionals to handle this. Experts have been dealing with all types of snake’s issues and can get rid of them efficiently. Go back to the home page: Snakes of Boston